SATRI Amplifier

Our relentless drive for the ultimate amplifier makes us to constantly seek for the ideal. This made us take back the AMP-11R for a major scrutiny. And thus, the AMP-12R.

Engraved from a block of sturdy aluminum, this simple yet sleek design might come across as feeble. That is…only until you hear it. This one of a kind piece of art bear comparison as a headphone amplifier by sharing the same performance as its speaker output. Bandwidth ranges from 10 Hz to 1 Megahertz with a S/N ratio of less than 50 μV noise without use of negative feedback, and a set of BNC inputs called SATRI-LINK which allow for current-mode signal transfer between Bakoon's electronics.

The AMP-12R is deadly quiet for extreme resolution. Ultra-wide bandwidth translates into the absence of subliminal fuzziness. Simply put, the AMP-12R executes the delivery of sound the way an amplifier should.

* AMP-12R comes with a matching rack and a reference power supply. However for certain countries AMP-12 excluding the rack but with standard power supply is available. Ask your distributor/dealer for more information.


Maximum Power Output15 watts (8 Ω, 1 kHz)
Gain20 dB maximum
Frequency Response10 Hz ~ 1 MHz (gain at + 10 dB)
Input1 SATRI-LINK (BNC), 1 Voltage (RCA)
Input Impedance3.68 Ω (SATRI-LINK), 100 KΩ (Voltage)
Output5 Way Cardas Binding Post or 6.35 mm Headphone Jack
Signal/Noise Ratio (Output Noise)less than 50 μV (gain at + 0 dB)
DC Offset Driftless than 1 mV
Power Consumption20 watts idle, 50 watts maximum
Dimensions195 mm (W) x 195 mm (D) x 40.5 mm (H)
Shipping Weight6.4 kg (AMP-11R)